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Identity Ecosystem Framework (IDEF) Registry

The Identity Ecosystem Framework (IDEF) Registry program is designed to build trust online. The IDEF Registry is a single web presence for online identity service providers and owners or operators of applications that authenticate identity credentials. Here is where they can report their self-assessed status against a set of common criteria based off the NSTIC Guiding Principles. These criteria are for reliable security, privacy, ease of use, cost savings, and user choice. Those who attest on the IDEF Registry declare their commitment to operate in accordance with the Identity Ecosystem Baseline Functional Requirements, and upholding a higher vision for identity.

The IDEF Registry is LIVE! Take me to the IDEF Registry now! 


The IDEF Registry is NOW LIVE! The IDESG has created this registry for organizations interested in independently assessing their own identity management standards against a common set of criteria found in the Identity Ecosystem Framework (IDEF). Even if you are not able to comply with all of the requirements, you may still register your partial compliance. Click here to be taken to:

IDESG Standards Registry & Inventory

 This registry lists all standards adopted by the IDESG plenary, along with metadata about each such standard as specified by the IDESG Standards Coordinating Committee (SCC) Charter. Download links are below.

Additionally, the full list of proposed standards for inclusion into the IDESG Standards Registry can be found on the IDESG Wiki at the IDESG Standards Inventory.