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By Salvatore D'Agostino, IDESG President and Small Business & Entrepreneurs Stakeholder Delegate In 2014, 17.6 million Americans age 16 or older experienced identity theft. That same year, 783 data breaches exposed more than 85 million records and 85% of people took steps to prevent identi...

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Vote in the IDESG Elections!

Every year, the IDESG holds elections for Plenary Chair, Plenary Vice-Chair, two (2) At-Large Delegates, and all its Stakeholder Delegates. Successful candidates will comprise the IDESG Board of Directors class for the 2016-2017 year. The ballots are out now and we encourage you to vote. Please che...

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By Marc-Anthony Signorino, Spring is upon us and, with it, new projects for the IDESG. Recently, I attended the HIMSS Conference & Exhibition - one of, if not the largest, educational event for health IT professionals - where I publicly addressed one of our most critical efforts: providing a ro...

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By Mark DiFraia, IDESG Secretary and At-Large Delegate Whether in team sports, business or any other journey of purpose, you can’t underestimate the value of momentum. It sure is hard to beat a team that is “peaking at the right time” or “riding a hot hand” and, w...

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Rolling Out the Red Carpet on Identity Protection

By Marc-Anthony Signorino, IDESG Executive Director While we in the identity/privacy/security world take time today to celebrate rock star organizations that promote the very best practices in consumer data privacy, we also should remember those who – not for lack of trying – tripped an...

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Changing the Conversation in 2016

By Marc-Anthony Signorino, IDESG Executive Director   As we begin 2016, there is no other way to describe the past year than as a watershed for the IDESG. Our delivery and approval of the Identity Ecosystem Framework (IDEF) and the coming rollout of the IDEF Self-Assessment Listing Servic...

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Engaging with the Identity Community

By Kim Little Sutherland, IDESG Plenary Chair As an organization, the IDESG is revving up our efforts in engaging with others in the identity community. In December, IDESG members participated in a “Power Breakfast” at the Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit in Las Vegas. Th...

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Breaking news: the IDEFv1 is now available to the public!

By Michael Garcia, Acting Director of the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) National Program Office (NPO)

In the NSTIC, the president called for an "overarching set of interoperability standards, risk models, privacy and liability policies, requirements, and accountability mechanisms that structure the Identity Ecosystem."

Today, I'm proud to announce that the privately-led Identity Ecosystem Steering Group (IDESG) has delivered. Thanks to the incredible dedication of the IDESG's volunteer membership, version 1 of the Identity Ecosystem Framework (IDEF) is now a final public document. This framework raises the bar for online transactions and substantially advances the Identity Ecosystem.

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Rising to the Identity Challenge

By Mark DiFraia, IDESG Secretary and At Large Delegate; Senior Director of Market Development, MorphoTrust

This has been quite the week in identity. The Global Identity Summit brought many of the leaders in the identity space together in Tampa to hear from experts, share ideas and see what’s new and promising in the world of identity. Right on the back of that, the Identity Ecosystem Steering Group converged on the convention center to pick up our critical work during the Plenary meeting. On Tuesday morning I gave a talk at the opening of the Global Identity Summit pointing out that “It is our time” to “Rise up” and become the greatest generation for identity. It is our time because the revenue growth of our industry is on the rise fueling innovation… It is our time because we have the industry organizations that can lead the way (IDESG included)…It is our time because we have the talented and skilled people we need to do the work and… It is our time because we have a challenge worthy of our collective best efforts. It is our time to lead the way here at IDESG and our soon to be launch ecosystem framework is a big part of the story.

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You vs. You: How your IDEF digital profile will differ from your current one

By Marc-Anthony Signorino, Executive Director, IDESG

When thinking about how to describe what digital identities currently look like, I was reminded of this scene from “The Wizard of Oz” where the scarecrow is attacked by the flying monkeys who proceed to rip him limb from tattered limb. “That’s you all over,” said the Tin Man; and that sums up the current state of your online identity.

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